Jeff Sharp is a software craftsperson, a father, and a science geek.


Jeff is the owner and Chief Technologist of Subatomix Research, Inc., a tiny corporation in Vancouver, British Columbia. Subatomix's mission is to acquire revenue through software development consulting and to apply that revenue towards developing free, open-source software.

Jeff also acts as a Principal Consultant with Improving in Dallas, Texas. Before joining Improving, Jeff was a Senior Developer and a team leader with Chesapeake Energy in Oklahoma City.

Jeff has an unhealthy obsession with understanding a diverse range of software technology, from the .NET Framework down to the bare metal. Driven to deliver measurable value, Jeff’s goal is to make each engagement a profitable venture for his client. Jeff completes projects successfully via disciplined, pragmatic practice of agile methods and test-driven development.


As a practitioner of scientific skepticism, Jeff seeks to apply the scientific method in all aspects of life.